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The philosophy of SINNENTRA forms the base of our unique tantra energy massage from person to person. We want to offer different trips allowing you to experience your body completely new and intensively. Trust, openness, warmth, dedication and absolute professionalism provide the basis for a successful erotic experience, which can be surprising and mysterious equally.

Our offer does not provide further sexual acts. Our massage therapy is following a clear recurring ritual. Mutual respect and trust from the beginning is an absolutely obligation.

Our Offers


Sinnentra Autumn Highlight

Journey through the autumn time us in a very special way. This combination of selected massages, specially designed for the warm months of the year, gives you a stimulating and at the same time relaxing way to escape from everyday life. We start your journey with the pleasantly warm algae gel of the Nuru massage, followed by the special experience of the Duo massage: 4 hands that completely take care of you and cast a spell over you.

60 min: 250,- € – 90 min: 320,-€ – 120 min: 390,- €

Sinnentra Autumn magic

Enjoy your trip specially designed for the autumn days. We spoil you with a hot and at the same time relaxing blend of wax massage in combination with the hot stone. And at the end it will be tingling: look forward to the duo 4 hands massage, that take care of all your and pull you in its spell.

90 min: 260,- € – 120 min: 300,- €


Sinnentra Autumn special

Escape the spring time very autumn trip. We combine the energies of Sensual Tantra Massage with the exciting experiences of the Duo-Massage. The warmed oil on your skin is applied intensively yet gently. Later you will enjoy two bodies that will accompany you through the phases of the massage. Body and mind are specially stimulated by this journey and guarantee absolute relaxation.

60 min: 165,- € – 90 min: 220,- € – 120 min: 260,- €

Sensual energy tantric massage

Travel with us and awaken your inner being. This tantric massage is enriched with sparkling, sensual energy. Heated oil on your skin combined with intense, physical touch and targeted anticipation, gentle passion, more pleasure and final relaxation. An absolute release guaranteed a special experience to escape from everyday life.

60 min: 115,- € – 90 min: 170,- € – 120 min: 210,- €

 Sensual erotic tantric massage 

+peeling + hot stone

(additional service description please find below)

90 min: 190,- € – 120 min: 230,- €

Couple massage

This special trip guarantee double pleasure. Just bring your partner with you and spend a relaxing time full of sensual tantric and energy loaded elements at the same time. Our masseuses therapist are mutually available for this massage. All sensations may be shared afterwards. Therefore: shared joy is double joy.

60 min: 230- €  –  90 min: 340,- €  –  120 min: 420,- €

Couple massage surprise

A special variation of the couple massage described on top. Beside the sensuous, tantric and energy elements it contains a special surprise for every couple. Drop you and experience together a trip with blindfold eyes in which the reality will become blurred for you.

90 min: 400,- € – 120 min: 480,- €

Couple massage ,,Magic“

will catapult you to the borders between reality and fantasy. Immerse yourself in the new experience and enjoy the gentle atmosphere of warm candle oil combined with mysterious, refined scents.

Through the peeling, your skin will be stimulated and guarantee a unique massage experience.

90 min: 420,- € – 120 min: 500,- €

Couple Massage ,,Deluxe

This exclusive trip impresses with its successful combination of three popular sensual Tantra massages: Let yourself be pampered by the hot algae gel of the Nuru Massage and Sensual Energy Tantra Massage with warmed oil and the extraordinary massage techniques.

The wonderful tingling scrub will make your journey an incomparable experience.

120 min: 610,- €

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Duo massage

Are four hands better than two? Determined! Now imagine just two bodies that accompany you gently but firmly phase by phase through the massage. Your body and your mind will experience energies, allowing you the ultimate relaxation and previously unimagined feelings. Enjoy a journey with two masseuses of sensual energy tantric massage.

60 min: 230,- € – 90 min: 340,- €

 Nuru massage

A special trip with a special ingredient is the Nuru massage. Hot algae gel and hot massage positions of the masseuses are the experiences that you should not miss. The algae gel is slippery but very pleasant on the skin and completely oil-free. A unique experience when the passion opens your body and mind.

60 min: 170,- € – 90 min: 240,- € – 120 min: 310,- €


Sinnentra deluxe

This exclusive trip has a successful combination of three popular ones of Sinnentra Massage: Let yourself be pampered by the hot algae gel of the nuru massage and subsequent sensory energy tantra massage with warm oil and the extraordinary massage techniques. The energies are bundled by the duo massage, so that after the half of the time four hands equal your journey to an incomparable experience.

90 min: 335,- € – 120 min: 400,- €

Candle oil massage

A remarkable journey which is catapulting you to your limits between reality and fantasy. Dive into the new experience and enjoy the warm candle oil combined with mysterious, subtle scents that stimulate your skin and guarantee a unique massage experience.

60 min: 150,- € – 90 min: 190,- € – 120 min: 230,- €

Sinnentra surprise

A soft music, a light mat: your eyes blindfold, your body vibrates, your soul awakes, your journey begins…

90 min: 220,- €

Sinnentra surpise special 

Experience all aspects of the Tantric universe. The popular Sinnentra surprise massage with a particularly energetic, sparkling extension…

90 min: 250,- € – 120 min: 290,- €

Woman to woman

The offers above is not just for men only. We offer all the trips to the awakening the inner being also for female guests. Applies also here: trust and respect is mandatory. Use the method to relax your body slowly and deliberately. The female hands intuitively feel your needs through the warming oil and respond accordingly. Your senses are awakened and everyday life is moving far away.

60 min: 115,- € – 90 min: 170,- €

Woman to Woman ,,Magic“

An extraordinary journey that will catapult you to the boundaries between reality and fantasy. Immerse yourself in the new experience and enjoy the gentle atmosphere of warm candle oil combined with mysterious, refined fragrances.

Through the peeling, your skin will be stimulated and guarantee a unique massage experience.

90 min: 210,- € – 120 min: 250,- €

All our journeys can be refined with further, wonderful additional treatments:


Enjoy a wonderful cleaning peeling on your entire body. The skillful touch of the masseuse guarantee a ritual cleansing of the neck-to-toe. The skin is not only cleaned but also cleaned from dead skin cells and feels very silky, smooth and soft. Various scents such as Kiwi and caramel will be one of your own wonderful experience the peeling.

Additional service: 20,- €

Hot stone:

Use the hot stones (so-called hot stones) as an additional relaxation offer within the framework of our Sinnentra massages. Up to 60° degree hot stones at specific places on your body placed to interact through the heat even before the massage relaxing the muscles. This extra is actively accompanied by the masseuse, which intensifies the effect of the massage pressure and certain movements. The result is a wonderful, relaxing feeling, which multiplies the experience of the entire massage.

Additional service: 20,- €

Prostate Massage:

For each Sinnentra massage, we offer targeted prostate massage.

Additional service: 20,- €

SINNENTRA, Tantra Massagen
SINNENTRA, Tantra Massagen
SINNENTRA, Tantra Massagen

Other wellness massages:

Hot stone massage

The hot stones have become nowadays a thermotherapy tool in the range of wellness offers. Up to 60 ° hot rocks will be placed on your body at specific places, so the heat is interacting in a relaxing way to the muscles. At the same time, also stimulating moments can be generated depending on the how the stones are used. To avoid burns, a towel is placed between the skin and stone at these temperatures. A masseuse, intensifying the effect of the massage with pressure and certain movements, actively accompanies this massage. The result is a wonderful, relaxing feeling, which lets the day starts again.

60 min: 95,- €

 Gemstone massage

Discover your new strength and energy after a stressful day. The gem massage uses the healing properties of gemstones and can help to resolve blockages or tensions. In advance, the masseuse discusses the exact meaning of the stones and begins with the launch. Now, the programme starts and the stones are improving the energy flow of the body and stimulate the metabolism and blood circulation by special vibration. Warming massage oil supports the effect and makes the massage an experience which radiates your body from the inside.

60 min: 95,- €

Classic Spa massage

This classic wellness massage is ideal for pure relaxation. We use warm massage oil and our hands concentrate and gently on the neck, shoulder, back and arms or legs. A smooth experience with refreshing and invigorating effects on body and soul.

45 min: 65,- €

Sound massage

Sounds of certain bowls help to bring body and soul back into harmony. After the bowls on or over the clothed body were tinted the sounds unfold its beneficial effects. They can help to resolve blockages and stress management to help mobilizing the body’s own healing forces. Special usage of this sound massage is to prevent from tension, insomnia, digestive problems or simply general prevention.

60 min: 65,- €

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